PsychedSubstance YouTube Channel

One great reference point I’ve had from the start of my project is this channel. Since its creation, it has received plenty of positive feedback and soared in terms of views and subscriptions:


At some point I plan to contact Adam (channel host) and see I can gain some knowledge, info and inspiration on his experiences. For now, I will be watching his videos, looking at his source material and using them as research points for my project.



  • Being one with your surroundings (Huxley type reference)
  • LSD Exploration – something that people don’t really talk about.
  • Seeing religious symbolism everywhere – Da Vinci Code link.
  • New connections in the brain/communicating areas that allow new perceptions
  • Psychedelics allow you to reach a state of emptiness, no mind, ego death
  • Ego is the personality, base level could be awareness/blissfulness/enlightenment/blank – the ego is programmed into the blank entity to create you
  • Belief provides the truth for you
  • Imagine Psychs are just ‘scrambling our brains’ and doing nothing more (i.e. not showing any sort of profound truth); if they create positivity/fulfilment for the people that take them then why should it be considered a bad thing?

Comments that I read and thought were worth highlighting from the ‘Hallucinations’ video at the top of the page – users expressing their opinions on the ‘truth’ and their trip reports:

hallucinations-comments hallucinations-comments2 hallucinations-comments3 hallucinations-comments4

After watching this video and reading some of the comments, I have come to an understanding that you, as a person, create your own reality. You see what you desire to see, you have your own wants and needs from life. You create your understandings from your own experiences and you seek to constantly validate your ideas and thoughts. Hence why I would like to create an experience through which the user can create their own personal and unique experience.

I personally agree with Adam in the sense that we can’t be sure where these visuals originate from but all we know is that it causes our brains to be in an altered state. ‘The truth’ is nobody really knows what we know/don’t know.




Initially, I tried to contact Adam via PsychedSubstance’s email and Facebook account however I didn’t get a reply.

psychedsubstances_email-attempt psychedsubstances_fb-attempt

I’ve been posting this comment – “I would love to get Adam’s permission to use his stories for a project I’m working on – can people like this so that he notices, thanks :)” – on his videos so hopefully I’ll receive some sort of a reply soon.



Other useful videos:



Other links:

The first video I ever came across for this channel (this video practically inspired my reasoning for including Psychedelics as one of my four research points):


Cigarettes and Alcohol are drugs too, they’re just marketed differently:


The channel also aims to teach people how to take and test drugs safely:



This was such an amazing thing to witness, especially due to the fact that it’s not censored. These are the types of things that should be occurring throughout society – in homes, research labs, etc. i.e. everyone should be advocating for more research to be done on these drugs as their true potential/effects are still unknown due to the lack of research. The stigma associated with drug taking would put most people off being filmed or associated (fear of being labelled/branded, scared of being judged by their peers) so I highly respect this channel and those that are involved:



Interesting and important links from PsychedSubstance’s videos:



  • It’s not so much about what do we see, what do we experiencing when taking psychedelics – it’s why. Chemical imbalances? New brain connections? Spiritual awakening? Godly intervention?


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