Look and Feel

Inspiration/Ideas Moodboards:         DRIFT: Great colour style and visuals Hallways and tunnels with animated walls – can this be blended with AR? (Animation Cookbook…) http://uploadvr.com/drift-gear-vr/   MARE: Not over complicated with microscopic details ‘Straight to the point’ visually http://www.pcgamer.com/the-best-indie-vr-games-at-e3/   How devs deal with 4 problem areas in VR game design Useful … More Look and Feel

Project Structure

This semester I spent a lot of time trying out and testing new things – some have worked really well, other things could be tweaked/worked on. As I didn’t really make a concise plan for this semester, I’ve spent more time doing particular things than I should have. In order to not make this mistake … More Project Structure


To help inform my decision on who my project will be aimed at, I’ll be looking at some research and data that hopefully help identify the target group/population that seem to be mostly affected by drugs, psychedelics and those that seem to be associated with/best suited for my abstract and goals for the project. I … More Audience


Some cool VR examples I found on an app called Within (promotes new VR related projects): Stor Eiglass (full video) has a wacky, hyped vibe to it (very upbeat, electronic sounds), the bright colourful landscape/visuals mixed with the happy, fast paced tones of the soundtrack help to create a feeling of excitement and joy within the … More Audio

Mechanics and Mingames

Many of the elements that will form the mechanics have been explained in the following areas: https://ackay3s1.wordpress.com/2016/12/07/ar-prototype/ https://ackay3s1.wordpress.com/2016/12/28/arvr-experience-within-a-building/ https://ackay3s1.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/user-input/   List of Potential Mini Games (story dependent) – these will be adapted to make them more relative to the story e.g. if the story involves some sort of difficulty with spelling or recalling a memory … More Mechanics and Mingames

Finding Context – Searching for Stories

Made a reddit account.   Posted into 3 sub reddits: ‘PsychD’ Uni Project from LSD ‘PsychD’ Uni Project from Heavymind ‘PsychD’ Uni Project from Psychonaut   Middle on got removed for some reason (unsure why…)     So, far someone has pointed me out to this site (seems quite useful actually…): https://www.erowid.org/ “Our Mission – … More Finding Context – Searching for Stories

Interesting Methods of User Input

After my talk with Jaygo, I decided to collect some quick ideas on ways the user could interact with my creation through the use of sensory data:   References if I want to use the Muse: http://www.choosemuse.com/developer-kit/ http://www.choosemuse.com/what-does-muse-measure/   YouTube videos for EEGs: Muse Headset Teardown (technical disassembly and explanation of components and uses) Ariel Garten: … More Interesting Methods of User Input