My Four Areas and the Main of the Four

After the mind-mapping, we had to choose four areas to concentrate on. The four areas I chose are ‘Holograms, Psychedelics/Drugs, Reality and Electronics. I want to focus on these due to the fact that these are the topics I’m most interested and in some ways, they all kind of relate (mostly).


The main topic I’m going to concentrate on is Psychedelics/Drugs.


Reason for choosing that subject:

  • Something new I haven’t really ‘fully’ explored before
  • Controversial and has a lot of stigma attached to it
  • Involved in conspiracy – how could I resist
  • Potential for fresh ideas due to the fact that I haven’t explored it before
  • I’m genuinely interested in the topic –  I want to learn more
  • It’s different
  • Other people might be too afraid to explore this so that makes me want to explore it more
  • Potential for something ‘crazy’ to come out of this (in terms of final product)
  • Potential innovative idea for this topic – something that could raise eyebrows
  • Potential to educate people – something I love doing


At this point, I’m halfway through exploring holograms and I’m considering using what I learnt last year in the first semester on VR technology/Google Cardboard and merging it with my FMP. I’m thinking it could be interesting to combine the two in order to create an experience that involves two players – one inside a virtual world and another using the holograms as means of collecting information about the game that will help the player inside the virtual world:


The visuals may not necessarily ‘be completely virtual’ (in terms of VR) – augmented reality seems to be another potential avenue that I could take. Here are some inspiring examples of what some people have done with this technology:



Related tutorials (so I know this is actually possible):


Other VR related tech advancements:


Notes from Phone:

3 Books, 2 Artists, 1 Film/Documentary

William and Mary – Roald Dahl

Richard Feinman

Ayoaska (correction – Ayahuasca), DMT, Peyote, Idris Elba Netflix film beasts of out nation – drug use

Psychedelic experiences

Chemistry set?

Chemical trials on soldiers, chem R&D

Clinical drug trials

History of Psychedelics

Birth control drugs, water filtration system, rise of infertility (relates to talk with Ronnie, not sure if this part is in the recording)



  • Researching hologram technology was more of a happy accident
  • Blending AR, VR and Hologram tech – too much?
  • Is there a way I can still incorporate the other themes? Psychedelics and Reality are pretty much linked but what about the other 2?
  • Concentrate more on Psychedelics – more defined than Drugs (too broad)
  • What is it about Psychedelics that I want to research? I need some context/more research
  • How do I feel about Psychedelics? Thoughts and ideas?
  • People of interest?
  • Summary on Prezi
  • LeapMotion is very cool (HTC Vive type of thing), could be costly though (therefore not very accessible), mainly for use with VR and not AR, also need to have specific device types (mostly high end/latest phones)


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