Project Structure

This semester I spent a lot of time trying out and testing new things – some have worked really well, other things could be tweaked/worked on. As I didn’t really make a concise plan for this semester, I’ve spent more time doing particular things than I should have. In order to not make this mistake next semester, I have created a weekly schedule to keep track of progress. Below is a plan for how the next semester will go:


So far this is the most up to date version of what I plan to do for the next semester, however this schedule is subject change.


Things to consider:

  • Documentation for semester 2 – paper sheets and printouts (A4 sized paper) compiled to form books (using techniques learnt this semester)
  • When collecting feedback from user testing, use the following system: ‘Loved – the good, ‘Would like to see’ – potential improvements to be made and ‘Unnecessary’ – things to remove/rethink/rejig
  • Constantly collate bibliography for every single site visited/used in regards to research (even if it has already been mentioned previously)



  • Start weekly recap vlogs (at the end of every week) – what I planned to do for the week, what I actually did, what I plan to do next do next week.
  • Include whether I achieved every thing I was supposed to do for the week and if not, discuss how I’m going to make adjustments next week so that I complete everything I was supposed to.
  • Maybe also include what went well, what was difficult or didn’t go to plan and things I need to revisit.
  • As well as making a video, make physical notes (maybe make notes before making the video so that the video is a quick summary of the notes)
  • Blog daily (using posts) – makes life easier in terms of structuring documents in order/chronologically, instead of having massive long posts that cross over over days or weeks, can be a large amount of short posts, these will be followed by the weekly/end of week recaps/summaries

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