AR/VR Experience within a building

I’m not too sure how, but this video gave me the idea of possibly expanding my idea of having an experience in a room to having an experience within a whole building… A story told within a buidling rather than a room. I started to think about how imagery around the building could change as … More AR/VR Experience within a building

AR Prototype

First step I need to take to in creating my vision is to make sure the AR functionality of Google Cardboard is something I can actually do. A couple tutorials on YouTube helped me along the way (more available here):   Another possible method (without Vuforia – don’t think the tracking is as good though… … More AR Prototype

iLab Workshop

Intro: Trial workshop, kickstarts in Feb P5 is short hand form for processing Javascript frameworks Vector Maths, Autonomous Agents, Craig Reynolds’ Boids, Steering Behaviours, Flocking HTML Explanation of how HTML works and its basic setup HyperTextMarkupLanguage Head, Body, Paragraph, Headings, Titles Displays/Organises (through Tags) Text CSS Cascading Style Sheets Styles the HTML document Colours, Spacing, … More iLab Workshop