Semester Summary



What has gone well:

  • Researched and experimented with new technologies
  • Achieved a lot of the set goals/targets
  • Made many different contact links – network marketing
  • Working on portfolio and website
  • Improved attendance at uni
  • Attended every workshop and gained something useful for my project from every single one of them
  • Documentation in various formats – audio, video, handwritten, virtual, etc.
  • Bookbinding – very pleased with the result from this
  • All the workshops and talks I attended were really beneficial for me and my project


What hasn’t been great:

  • Time management – being punctual, leaving things to the last minute, not allocating enough time on tasks that could be seen as more important, spending too much time on things that could be seen as less important
  • Organisation – didn’t create a plan/outline for the semester which in turn, caused poor time management
  • Vlogging – was supposed to start weekly vlogs half way through the semester but I decided to scrap the idea/save it for semester 2 (again, due time related issues)
  • Time lost to potentially over researching/experimenting with a subject area instead of doing the main task at hand, causing me to fall behind
  • Allocated to time for editing and uploading – editing videos consumes a lot of time so be careful/aware of recording (attempt to create perfect video first time if possible to reduce editing times), also leave plenty of time to upload videos as this takes a lot of time and be aware of it’s effect on bandwidth (both editing and uploading also use up computing power)


What needs to be improved:

  • Presentation – pre-planned sections that all work sheets (A4 pieces of paper containing art work, notes, plans, ideas, research, etc.) can fall into, enabling easy compilation for books to made (using the same techniques from this semester)
  • Blog/Online Sketchbook – scan all annotated worksheets for uploading, applying minimal annotation/explanation due to them already being annotated (vlogs will also help with this)
  • Uniform worksheets – it’s great to work on large pieces of paper, especially to mind map, however it’s hard to compile this into the book neatly so work on A4 pieces of paper strictly or work on large pieces (if an absolute must) then reduce to A4 (via scan then shrink)
  • Amount of recordings being made – record as many processes as possible and upload ASAP


What are the plans from here:


Feedback of project so far:

  • Most people seem to like/appreciate what I’m trying to do for my project as they find it interesting/intriguing
  • I’ve got some prototype requests – audience to please
  • Some people are excited and to want to be involved/credited
  • Others simply think it’s a cool idea but don’t really want to get involved due to taboo subject






Key bits and pieces for next semester:

  • Better time management – it can only get better, improving this improves organisation, productivity and efficiency, get things done and out of the way to make life easier
  • Binding – should I do it myself or pay for a professional service? (I’d prefer to do it myself personally)
  • Vlog, edit, upload and blog – constantly! Don’t slack
  • Consider necessary changes to be made to the schedule everyday and update schedule if a change is to be made at any time (and mention in vlog)
  • Contacts and connections – keep contacting people for advice and inspiration, for marketing purposes too
  • Business cards, CV and portfolio – aim to get rebrand of identity done ASAP to allow portfolio website improvements to be made (currently working on this) – needs to be done in time for Grad Show.
  • Don’t forget to refer back to this semester’s documents for research/information – no point gathering all this information to ignore it and gather it again elsewhere