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After the decision to focus on Psychedelics, I started to delve further into the subject by making the most of the PsychedSubstance YouTube channel, looking at some art work, music videos, other videos, books, films and exhibitions.

Example of a cool music video with interesting trippy visuals. Funny story being told and everything just seems like one big party – almost like it’s their night to relax and they’re all having fun/playing (the characters), until time runs out and they have to go back to normal. Maybe, as in, this is what the universe gets up to when we, humans, are not looking:

Even trippier visuals. Artist’s response to the work of the musician after being commissioned, definitely one of my favourites:

Related video (same artist). Really love the hidden meaning behind this – I, at least, interpret this as showing the cycle of life, the destructive nature of life and that from death comes birth – or maybe rebirth:

I could listen to this song for days – singing and audio sounds like it’s ‘stretching’ or resonating. Amazing visuals through stop motion. Feeling of falling and then reversing – ‘ going backwards’:

Reminds me of Inception – waking up but not being awake. Profound thoughts – are we ever really awake or just constantly dreaming?:

Great visuals – psychedelic connotations with shapes, colours and superimposition/layering, interesting techniques – stop motion again, provides trippy feeling, ‘buzzing’ screen/’buzzing’ vibe:

My interpretation: feeling inadequate – putting on a mask/suit (after looking in the mirror), feeling horrible about self and exploring insecurities, eventually ‘waking up’, listening to subconscious (sitting down with entity playing guitar) and realising how to ‘love thy self’ once more (all the red arms around her when she is laughing):


Music Videos with Psychedelic visuals/colours, sounds:

Reminds me of a particular scene in ‘Beasts of no Nation’ when Agu and the other child soldiers are running through a field (on their way to a field) and he begins seeing strange colours and visuals (result of drug ingestion):

screenshot-503 screenshot-504



The L$D music video is inspired by the film ‘Enter the Void’ (I highly recommended watching this film):

“A U.S. drug dealer living in Tokyo is betrayed by his best friend and killed in a drug deal. His soul, observing the repercussions of his death, seeks resurrection.”

Similar visuals in ‘Easy Rider’ by Action Bronson (mainly warping faces/visuals and hallucinations – related to taking LSD tab):



Trippy visuals



When I first watched this video, I thought it was about the main ‘character’s’ mental state slowly deteriorating, declining towards psychosis or something to do with anxiety/insecurities or being uncomfortable with who he is a person… I’ve discovered there’s a deeper theory than that… It does however, apparently refer to the character’s altered perception of reality (due to the effects of THC – Weed/Cannabis related). After the minute mark, Urn begins to play – eventually people are dancing and a tree with an colour changing aura appears, for me representing the effect drugs can have on someone (especially something like ecstasy).


Interesting list of famous scientists/inventors:

I thought it was Richard Feynman that invented LSDAlbert Hoffman invented LSD


Follow up from a book I found out about from a Workshop with Adam (can’t find a pdf on it anywhere, may have to make a purchase):


Terence McKenna:



Interesting section from Joe Rogan’s Dan Bilzerian interview (full video):


Alan Watts:

I’ve actually been listening to a lot of his talks for a while now and one in particular that I remember is one that he gave about doing something you love as a job (i.e. a hobby as a job)/what would you do if money wasn’t ‘a thing’/didn’t exist. An amazing talk that I listened to way before this semester started, opened my eyes to new perspective on the topics he spoke about – especially in relation to the church’s possible ideology of Church:

Perspective is everything – how you perceive, shapes how you feel. Things can ‘look’/seem different upon reflection – alternating between perceptions but not being able to see all at the same time (optical illusions):



This video is a perfect example of how our eyes and brains perceive reality – a series of frames/pictures stitch together to simulate motion (like a video):



Image Gathering:


Interesting article I came across:


This article has argued that scientific research with psychedelic drugs can have are vitalizing effect on psychoanalysis and an informing influence on mainstream psychology and psychiatry. Rather than discuss the content and interpretation of psychoanalytically-relevant material, we have adopted a mechanistic approach, in keeping with the mainstream cognitive neuroscience. This article proposes that a distinction can be made between two fundamentally different modes of cognition: primary and secondary consciousness. Primary consciousness is associated with unconstrained cognition and less ordered (higher-entropy) neurodynamics, whereas secondary consciousness is associated with constrained cognition and more ordered neurodynamics (i.e., that strikes an evolutionarily advantageous balance between order and disorder – that may or more not be perfectly “critical”). It is hoped that this mechanistic model will help catalyze a synthesis between psychoanalytic theory and cognitive neuroscience that can be mutually beneficial to both disciplines.

It is a fair criticism of this paper that it has given insufficient consideration to the phenomenological content of the relevant altered states of consciousness, and to the specifics of Freudian theory, and so by neglecting this, has failed to present a sufficiently compelling case that these states have anything to do with psychoanalytic theory. To some extent, this charge can be conceded; however, as outlined in the introduction, the intention of this paper was to develop a mechanistic account of altered states of consciousness based on the quantity of entropy, and this task has demanded a substantial amount of space. A more thorough discussion of the phenomenology of primary states is required to develop the case that they show characteristics that are consistent with Freudian accounts of “the unconscious” or “Id.” The reader should be made aware however, that this has been attempted before (Carhart-Harris, 2007; Carhart-Harris and Friston, 2010).

To conclude, it is perhaps not surprising that with only dreaming and psychosis at its disposal, psychoanalysis has failed to convince the scientific community that the psychoanalytic unconscious exists(Hassin et al., 2005). From a neuroscientific perspective, dreaming and psychosis are notoriously difficult to study. The occurrence of dreaming in sleep impedes experimental control and psychosis is an especially complex and variegated phenomenon. However, for those brave enough to embrace it research with psychedelics could herald the beginning of a new scientifically informed – psychoanalysis that has the potential to influence modern psychology and psychiatry. The unique scientific value of psychedelics rests in their capacity to make consciously accessible that which is latent in the mind. This paper takes the position that mainstream psychology and psychiatry have underappreciated the depth of the human mind by neglecting schools of thought that posit the existence an unconscious mind. Indeed, psychedelics’ greatest value maybe as a remedy for ignorance of the unconscious mind.

“He who would fathom the psyche must not confuse it with consciousness, else he veils from his own sight the object he wishes to explore.”(Jung,1961)

  • I feel like this quote means that you should think of the psyche as an active almost separate ‘entity’ to the brain/consciousness – consciousness (being awake/aware) is the starting point/foundation, psyche (thinking/processing) is the journey

“Man’s worst sin is unconsciousness.”(Jung,1969)

  • Being dead? Not ‘thinking’ or being ignorant? Acting like a zombie/slave – not thinking for yourself or understanding who you are/attempting to understand you and your surroundings…?


Trippy simulations, animations, sounds and visuals related (mostly) to psychedelics and alternate reality (absolutely mad – ‘fractals’…). More visuals and illusions available here:


David Firth has some of the most craziest, confusing, trippy, disturbing content I’ve seen in terms of his content’s storyline, visuals, meanings, sounds, etc. Dog of man (interesting theory behind it) is another great one as well as Salad Fingers theory. I don’t even know where to begin with Spoilsbury Toast Boy theory. Personally, I found most of his works to be quite amazing due to how bizarre they are – they subvert reality so much that comprehending them as potential real life things, to me, is amusing. The interesting thing about his work is that there are some real world comparisons (symbolism – The Da Vinci Code) – as disturbing as it can be; it’s funny because the truth is funny.  I think that when we as humans look at things (anything – the sky, a picture, reflections in the mirror), we’re always trying to determine how ‘real’ it is, comparing it to what we know/have experienced; sometimes we even it (in terms of trying to alter reality).

The unfortunate occurances for some people in society – some people actually have these issues, e.g. using drugs to deal with problems rather than tackling the problems themselves directly, self diagnosing, impatience/instant gratification or pleasure:

Comment on video above by user ‘Cris Hernandez‘ (sums up my views on the video pretty well):

“My take:

In the beginning theres two guys, a jerk and a good guy, the jerk is chugging all the “spirits” from the jug and only gives the nice guy a drop, yet the nice guy is humble with what he has and doesn’t complain or get upset, he represents your everyday nice guy, but the other guy is the jerk and represents the mean spirited people, and after chugging the entire bottle he is still unsatisfied. Notice the narrator using the same phrases over and over about “waiting” and “tired of waiting”. It’s overall message is not to act on impulse, the whole video, the nice guy is patient and kind, never impulsive or greedy like the jerk.

It purposely shows all the males fully clothed and the women are all out in the open naked, the constant boobs and vaginas represent temptation especially in our everyday society with sex on every channel and magazine, thats what the parades of vaginas and boob balloons everywhere represents. The woman with the water hair represents innocence and purity, thats why her hair is water, water is pure. Even though she is naked, they purposefully do not make her “sexy” like they do the others, look at how her boobs are even sideways. The water woman is sharing herself with the good guy by bathing him with her hair, it represents their innocent and pure bond, they’re happy and playful together and you can just feel the love overtime she pours more water on him, that represents them having sex by the way lol.

But then the jerk sees her and is mesmerized by her innocence too. But he’s impatient like a wolf and she is naive like a sheep and doesn’t see his intentions so thats why she runs off with him, it represents how girls always choose the jerk over the good guy. From afar the good guy got the short end of the stick and he always has a crush on the water woman even though she chose the jerk. This relationship is kind of like when a girl friend zones a guy who secretly is in love with her, notice how no matter what, the good guy never stops chasing her.

The woman in black represents truth and justice, she shows the good guy the wickedness of the jerk guy and lets him see what his real intentions were. When the jerk grabs the water woman and drinks her hair that represents him raping her. After he drinks her hair he is still left unsatisfied because the greedy are never satisfied, he becomes hollow and empty and realizes what he had done and notice how it portrays him afterward and how he tries to keep dancing on and having fun but no one will dance with him, so he gets angry and takes his anger out on more women and tries to rape the woman in black that represents justice, she ends up burning him to get what he deserves.

After drinking the water woman’s hair she is shown beaten and battered and her soul is broken, her water hair is gone just like her purity, so she’s left naked and bald. Remember how before when she was innocent she didn’t even realize she was naked but now she has her arms covering up her breasts in shame. She is frowning and is no longer radiating.The nice guy stays by her side the whole time, he covers her with his jacket and follows her to make sure she’s safe. He is patient until she trusts him enough to let him wash her. The water slowly washes the “shame” and “guilt” off her, then she rips off her belt and to me this represented a powerful statement for women, like saying she should not be ashamed about what happened to her because it wasn’t her fault, it shows freedom and empowerment and she stands tall with her shoulders back, then she lets the good guy wash her vag (of course) and meanwhile it zones out to where the view is now from the jerk guy’s point of view. It shows him on his knees and gives a strong feeling that he is burdened by what he had done, he represents wickedness, greed, and lust, it’s a very powerful video.


Old School type drug education video (I think this video does more to deter people from drugs but I don’t think any argument will ever be truly balanced, however this video in my mind definitely does more to deter people from the drug, with poor arguments/reasons for taking drugs and fails to explain all perspectives and reasons for taking drugs or actual responses from people who have taken the substance(s)). This is mostly due to the lack of research there is around the subject – more assumptions and opinions than facts, actual balanced arguments and valid points. The video doesn’t explain the actual effects in depth and fails to provide any sort of source material to back up points – purely propaganda:

This is a better more balanced, informative, scientific argument with source material that people can refer to make more educated conclusions/opinions:

Further reading:


Drug related documentaries:



LSD and the mind:


This contains loads of source material in the description area:



Linked to –


This reminds me of the drugs (heroin) that were given to soldiers in past wars to cope with stress, the types of behind the scenes studies that were conducted:


‘Recording dreams’ videos:

  • 2 brains wired together via the internet
  • BCI to CBI (brain computer interface to computer brain interface)
  • EEG – electroencephalography, reads the movement of ions through the brain
  • Learning the ‘language’ for the computer


Great informative 5 part playlist that explores LSD/psychedelics, drugs, the history of, uses and effects:

Sensory deprivation can cause hallucinogenic and psychedelic feelings, auditory and visual stimulation (sex and exercise also help to release those ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain to provide a sort of ‘high’):


Interesting game that takes you to different worlds/altered versions of previously visited worlds (pure exploration):

‘Shaping your own reality’:


ASAP Science Video list:

Perceiving our realities with more than 5 senses:

More links between Psychosis and Psychedelics – many similarities between symptoms of psychosis/mental illess and effects of psychedelics:

Advanced/enhanced experimental methods of improving or adapting perception and reality (augmented vision?):

Inspiring – let’s get people talking:


A highly unexpected deep, profound, thought provoking show. I first started watching this as a recommendation from a friend and it ended being perfectly suited for my research. At some point (SPOILER ALERT), Sassy gives Lez a spliff that he is told to smoke if he ‘gets lost’ on the island – of which, as expected, Lez ended up smoking due to him becoming lost. This next part completely caught me by surprise – Sassy appears in the form of a spirit guide and begins to enlighten Lez by making him ‘self aware’, Sassy showed Lez that he is nothing more than a Microsoft Paint drawing or at least, that is the world from which they’re all born. This, for me, had a deep connection to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – being exposed to the ‘higher dimensions’ of life, seeing more than you used to see, becoming ‘woke’ (also reminds me of Flatland):


Everything has the potential to be abused – sugar is no exception. Every leans on something, as a crutch – moderation, in relation to your own personal tolerances, of everything is important:


NOTES (Questions in order of presentation in video):

  • 4) – Who am I? Personality, self – ego, decision making, chemicals mixing in the brain, brain composition
  • 3) – Is my reality the ‘right’ reality? Preferences, social realities, cognitive biases, versions of reality
  • 2) – How am I alive? Complexity of life, survival, death, gambling with life through risk taking
  • 1) – Is this all a game? Simulations, the matrix, higher beings/a God in control, nothing but code (replication of reality with technology – to a point where it becomes indistinguishable from ‘real’ life, ‘self fulfilling prophesy’)



Further research links for FMP – Psychedelics:



Psychedelic Drugs in the news – Search term: “psychedelic drug research and development”, starting from the last page, working backwards

Bits from the middle

First few pages



Artists, Books and Exhibitions:


This site provides info for Psych related exhibs:



This exhibition looks perfect for me to explore right now:

  • You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970
    How have the finished and unfinished revolutions of the late 1960s changed the way we live today and think about the future?
  • This major exhibition will explore the era-defining significance and impact of the late 1960s, expressed through some of the greatest music and performances of the 20th century alongside fashion, film, design and political activism.
Bibliography (other links):

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