Mechanics and Mingames

Many of the elements that will form the mechanics have been explained in the following areas:



List of Potential Mini Games (story dependent) – these will be adapted to make them more relative to the story e.g. if the story involves some sort of difficulty with spelling or recalling a memory then something like unscrambling words could be involved or something involving the character needing to escape a situation/environment, then a maze puzzle could be introduced:

  • Maze Puzzle
  • Unscramble Words
  • Combine Letter to make a particular word
  • Pump/Inflate Mini-game
  • Hit a target
  • Throw an object into a container
  • Memorise colour pattern of certain words
  • Build a tower
  • Arrange objects into correct positions
  • Whack an object until it breaks
  • Wind up an object
  • Raise the temperature of your hands, rub hands (Arduino temperature sensor module)
  • Shout as loud as you can (Arduino microphone module)
  • Limbo/Duck/Crawl to avoid detection (Arduino Motion sensor module)
  • Raise your heartbeat, breath as fast as you can (Arduino Heartbeat/Pulse sensor module)




  • AR/VR Vuforia example and WITHIN app examples, reticle aimed at UI elements to select – hold head in position for 3 seconds – hands-free control
  • Enter and Exit button to go in and out of experience
  • Sound control option? – Maybe…
  • Other Settings? – Unlikely
  • Brightness of screen? – Possibly
  • Illusion based mechanics (optical illusions)
  • Useful resource/info – Game mechanics ideas

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