Chelsea Does Drugs -Netflix

I came across this from an article on ‘’.



  • Could I contact someone like her to get a story? Or maybe I should just stick to the current plan of waiting for replies and trying to ‘go on a journey/quest’ to find this amazing story…
  • Visit a psychiatric facility? I’ve had this thought a few times…
  • You can abuse anything – reminds me of a chat with my Dad about quantity and tolerance
  • Suppressing emotions, trauma
  • Interventions, drug problems, addict is the last person to know they have a problem
  • Rehab
  • Addiction related insecurities
  • Being in the ‘cloud’
  • A moment of clarity
  • Maybe I could speak to drug addicts? Get some stories Russell Brand
  • Drug abuse and War on Drugs, non violent drug offences, war on drugs failed/did nothing to reduce drugs
  • Drug addiction is a health problem not a criminal one
  • Wanting to be outside the law and outside of society – so turned to drugs
  • Heroin – from chaos to order (of the mind), feels like mother’s womb
  • Reality shattering through (through addiction state of mind)
  • Anything that is not your regular state of being is mind expanding (visiting a new place on the planet)
  • Medicating the pain of the world
  • Getting into an altered state without ingesting anything… (POTENTIAL ‘MESSAGE’ FOR MY PROJECT), tangibility of life
  • Ancient techniques to get into altered states of consciousness – ‘shamanry’
  • 42mins in with the shaman – I’m now looking at this ‘type of thing’ in a different way, he mentioned something about feeling ‘feeling safe when you’re vulnerable’ in a sense of how to manoeuvre your mind from a negative state to a positive one (on Ayahuasca). What he said made me think about how those types of experiences (shaman, mystics, fortune tellers, etc) are all ‘provoking’ altered states of consciousness, putting you into uncomfortable situations to take you from your ‘comfort zone’ to somewhere else… So things like optical illusions, hypnotising, etc.
  • Ayahuasca – ‘vine of the soul’, most potent psychedelic in the world (so far…)
  • Transcendance and awareness
  • Being able to see yourself outside of yourself, to see the world without being already so immersed in it
  • No sex, no fear, no alcohol – go in with concentration and think of your desires, be aware of your body the bodies of those taking ‘Ayah’ with you
  • After witnessing the effects on Dan, Chelsea and Jenny, it’s clear that people can have different reactions to certain things, and that tolerance is real – also Chelsea mentioned that she is easily distracted, maybe making it harder to ‘concentrate’ on the effects…
  • Chelsea’s second attempt, by herself, less distractions – starts with shaking of her hands, vomiting, crying, laughter, nodding, more laughter… Finally got the experience she wanted, she went in thinking about the place within her childhood memories she wanted to visit. This led her to remember all the good times she had. She looked at the interactions she had with her sister and she’s realised to harsh to her sister, how much she loves her and how fickle life is (in terms of death). “Been so long since I’ve had a ‘new’ feeling”. “The only opinion I’m concerned about is my own – I’m happy and I love what I do”.

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