Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

I first came across this place via a Facebook post:


Initially, I asked “who would take me (or go with me)” as a joke however Anna said she would actually like to go due to the relevance to her project. We discussed going there further via Facebook Messenger and I decided to check how much it would be to fly over there:



Initially, I was hoping to go before the end of the first semester, however we have decided to reschedule for just after the semester ends and before the second one starts. Maybe (if I feel up to it/can find the time) I could go myself before the semester ends. Failing that, I will try to go there before the beginning of March.





I was even considering carpooling to get up there but I realised that you actually have to pay through the app anyway – this idea was inspired by 2 uni friends that hitchhiked some of their journey to France as part of a fundraising activity for a charity.





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