AR Prototype

First step I need to take to in creating my vision is to make sure the AR functionality of Google Cardboard is something I can actually do. A couple tutorials on YouTube helped me along the way (more available here):


Another possible method (without Vuforia – don’t think the tracking is as good though… Not sure…):


Related resources:



Now that I have setup the basic functionality (recognise real world object – display augmented object), I am going to try to make objects collide and explore some other features I’ve been wanting to prototype.


Some more useful resources:


At this point, I attempted to scan a real world object that would hopefully be recognised and create an augmented version of the object.

I left this video at its original length in order to see the amount of time this took (even though it failed, this excludes the time taking the pictures of each frame).


My experience:



Chris had actually shown me interesting way of scanning 3D objects prior to what I did above so I could use this technique if I wish as it produce much better results:


  • Chris Carter Solo Workshop
  • 123Dcatch (what he recommended I try out – mobile phone 3D scanning app)
  • Sense Scanner (what Chris used in the ‘workshop’)
  • Pepakura (creates a flat plan type of thing allowing you to print out the mesh on paper to recreate the 3D model – origami style, could be interesting to try)
  • MeshLab (editing the mesh)



James handed me a book called ‘Unity 5.x Animation Cookbook‘ after mentioning how I would like to include certain mechanics and the use of fragment shaders in my project.

scan_20161216-2 scan_20161216-3

chatwjames notes4james



Penguin Example to show how you can use smart terrain function:



Maze Example (could be a game like feature to progress through story – puzzles to complete to unlock/access new things…):

Useful tutorials from this user:


How to make the app easier on the eyes –



Maze prototype that I built:

Finally, after a LONG time searching, I came across a video that explained how to manipulate fragment shaders in Unity in a way that could represent the psychedelic type visuals I wanted to create/the examples I’ve been wanting to try out:



Testing the examples and prototypes:

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