The Book of Shaders

During my conversation with Jaygo, he mentioned using the book of shaders to come up with and explore ideas related to interactive design and creating an experience that allows users to be truly involved with my creation.





Snippets from the about page:










An artist Jaygo mentioned I should check out:





A repository for examples of shaders people have created:


An example that I liked from Shadertoy

Other references:




Main example that Jaygo had shown me (blew my mind)



Other cool examples:



Monkey Town (4 Screen Cinema)



GLSL Syntax Highlighting for Sublime Text 2 & 3

  • something I might need if I am planning to attempt to adapt this


Other potential shader avenues (incase I can’t apply what I learn from this book in a useful – contingency):



Unity Resources (from the online manual) and others:



  • If I can’t figure out how to adapt the code/incorporate it into Unity, maybe I’ll just have to take inspirations from the results of the code rather than the code itself i.e. figure out how to make my own 3-D Unity examples using C# or a language I’m already kind of familiar with.
  • Very unlikely that I can make this work (easily) in 3-D since it’s 2-D, I guess I just have to get through the book first to understand
  • What happens if I read enough of the book and realise there’s no way to apply it to apply to Unity other than solely using it as a basis for inspiration? Will I even have time to read the whole thing amongst everything else I need to do? Is it worth it?
  • Should I take the time to learn code through the processing app as The Book of Shaders described? Is there any point to this? What makes it any different from what I’m already doing?
  • Attempted to make an offline version of the book but doesn’t seem to be windows friendly…

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