Creating a Physical ‘Book’

After getting my feedback, Adam showed me a great example of a ‘development documentation’ book that a previous student had created for their FMP. Due to the fact that I had a lot of loose sheets of paper from the start, he thought it may be a useful to bind them together for presentation purposes. After analysing the book for a while, it looks like it has been reinforced with a thick piece of thread looped through the sheets as well as glue.

img_20161205_145642_767 img_20161205_145641_81 img_20161205_145641_445 img_20161205_145641_785 img_20161205_145641_844 img_20161205_145642_186 img_20161205_145642_561 img_20161205_145640_767


I also went to find some interesting examples of book binding (techniques may or may not be used depending on how my binding own binding trial goes):


I decided to attempt to replicate the original book by gluing about 50+ white A4 printer papers together, using a glue gun. If this goes well, then I will think about making a cover for the sheets with some textual information. If necessary, I may also stitch the sheets together with thread if they seem to come apart easily (just as reinforcement). This will be a test/trial for the real one that I will make towards the end of the semester:




dsc_0680 dsc_0679 dsc_0682



  • Adam said he liked the book I made – worth it
  • Good feedback from peers, said it looked professional
  • Stained the cover, to the left of my name, so press stencil more firmly next time when spraying
  • Took about just over a week to complete, alongside project, so bare this in mind for final version for hand in
  • Thread not needed, glue is firm and strong enough to hold papers on its own
  • Is there a way to make use of this book? Maybe use it to discuss prototyping plans/experiments? Or take it into 2nd semester if possible and use it there?
  • Thanks to Celeste for helping me laser cut the stencil
  • Thanks to Chris Carter for helping out with ventilation and safety gear for spraying


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