Opal Gemstones Rabbit Hole


After randomly exploring YouTube, I came across the video above and found out something interesting. At the time of 13:22 in the video, the narrator mentions the term ‘opal gemstones’ and shows the image below:


Once I’d seen this image, I immediately thought “Wow, a naturally occurring psychedelic effect!”. They remind me of rainbows and the type of colours you would see when oil is mixed with water (I’ve mainly witnessed this occur on the ground/pavement/tarmac, especially with engine oil):


Here is an image I found related linking to the result of mixing water, oil and soap:


DuckDuckGo image search results:



After exploring YouTube to find out more about Opal, I came across a video showing a man using a technique known as dowsing to find Opal. At some point, I came across a video in the sidebar saying not to watch it as I’d get stuck watching it – so I clicked on it and started watching it. From 28 seconds onward, I saw this amazing Op Art work:



This work was created by Takahiro Kurashima.




It took some time, but I found out how Takahiro did it (such an amazing effect, beautiful concept):

Amazing… Mind Blown… I gave it a go myself and this is the result. I used the keyboard keys to control the movement of the thicker lines. Very cool effect.


Great Documentary on the masters of illusion:


Patrick Hughes – Reverse Perspective Paintings/3d Art/Superduperperspective


Perspective – How To:


Interesting TED Talks related to perspective:


  • Perspective – the power of reframing things, small changes can make big differences
  • Reality isn’t a good guide for happiness
  • Choosing your options for your reality – level of control
  • Creativity vs Logic – Psychological vs Mechanistic e.g. Being able to see how long you have to wait for something that is slow is better than waiting, without a time reference, for something that is faster
  • Goal Dilution – specialist vs jack of all trades
  • Ludwig von Mises
  • Value – Products and ‘Context’ in which the product is in
  • “If the perception is worse than the reality, don’t try to improve the reality – improve the perception…”, “choose frame of reference and value is transformed”
  • Capturing/ control viewer’s attention, control/predict human behaviour
  • Missing the obvious things right in front of you, distractions, misdirection
  • Attention steers perception, controls reality, gateway to the mind
  • You can attend to something without being aware
  • Posner’s Model of Attention
  • From external to internal to external (input, process, output – whilst we are processing, our senses are ‘on hold’ e.g. if you’re accessing a memory or trying to take in new data/information, you can’t pay attention or focus on other things)
  • Creating a massive impact/having a big effect at the lowest cost possible/on a small budget



Other optical illusions/general illusions and mind tricks I’ve checked out (some are pretty good and others, not so much…) – possible mechanics…:

This is a pretty good one (one of the first I came across from Facebook actually…):


Bistable Illusions – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multistable_perception

This particular illusion annoys the hell out of me due to the fact that I can only see it rotating one way


I really like the ‘after image effect’ illusions – mainly when you see colour on an image and then realise its true colour when you look at the image properly:




A video I had to watch after seeing a bunch of hypnosis related videos appearing alongside the illusion videos:

Personally, I’m still not a believer – it needs to happen to me before I can believe it. To be fair, I’m still yet to try the examples that I posted above.


This is a question I’ve always thought about  – how do I know that what I see is what other people see? My reality is my reality and it’s different to everyone else’s:

Our realities are definitely dissimilar:

The red and green spinning dial effect is amazing:

Mind blowing (our visual perception is flaky, I need to take advantage of this…):


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