20 Topics I’m Interested In

Initial Group Brainstorms:

dsc_0011_5 dsc_0013_4

The next two are mine and Claudia’s:

dsc_0017_3 dsc_0019_3 dsc_0025_3 dsc_0027_3 dsc_0021_2 dsc_0022_3 dsc_0023_3


After doing the group ones, I aimed to mind-map 20 personal points of interest, then 18, but ended up only doing 8 as I found myself constantly researching so many different things for quick information and linked topics and in the end, I didn’t have enough time to explore the rest.


Full List of Research Points:

  • Survival
  • War
  • Drugs
  • Poverty
  • African Culture
  • Mutations
  • Alchemy
  • Education
  • Health
  • Electronics
  • Combustion Engine
  • The Universe
  • The Sea
  • Time
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Economics


Some of the research links I gathered (the ones I gave the most attention):


Wiki for Alchemy


Alchemy – Sacred Secrets Revealed (documentary on history of Alchemy)

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – Alchemy


Billionaires Want to Escape the Matrix – Technocrats Admit to Luciferian Philosophy #Election2016 (Interesting video I found talking about life being a simulation, reality and creationism, Plato’s Allegory of the cave type thing). This led to me watching Sword Art Online, an anime about people trapped in a VR game world (a VR MMORPG) that eventually becomes players’ realities because of how real the experience feels… That and they become trapped (they can’t logout) – Inception type ideas, replacing reality with another (better – for the user) reality. They use ‘Nerve Gear’ that immobilises their body in the real world. The creator (in some ways of whom is a God) turns out to be evil.



Legal Painkillers Are The Real Gateway Drugs, Not Marijuana



Outrage Of The Month: FDA Senior Leader Ignores Science, Approves Ineffective Drug For A Rare Disease



New stats on drug, alcohol and tobacco use by teens



This Is Your Brain On Drugs: The Truth About Where LSD Trips Take Your Mind And Body



In the Beginning | Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain S1:E1



Have you ever seen an atom?

Three-dimensional imaging of dislocations in a nanoparticle at atomic resolution






Back to drugs:


List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita (looking at those at the bottom of the list and where countries like Liberia are placed): 




Mosaic Security – http://mosaicsec.com/






Actual List of Researched Points:

  • Survival
  • War
  • Drugs
  • Poverty
  • African Culture
  • Mutations
  • Alchemy
  • Education


Mind map process – start with the main theme of choice in the middle and then use word association to create the next 2 ‘layers’ of words (black for the first layer then blue for the second). To create the final/third layer (orange), write down things I find interesting about specific ‘second/blue layer’ words/topics – these will be used for further research.


Some Examples below:

dsc_0001-1 dsc_0002-1 dsc_0003-1 dsc_0004-1 dsc_0005-1


An area of interest that resulted from mind-mapping was Capoeira. I managed to find out that there were Capoeira taster sessions occurring down in Southampton and thought I’d give it a try as an opportunity to collect some first hand research on a potential area of focus:



I also sat down down with a friend and had a chat about centred around Drugs but also touching on Politics, Private Prisons, Capitalism, Racism, Crime and other subjects:




  • Many subjects areas overlap/relate
  • Internet made it easier to word associate
  • Use Prezi to present quick summary?


ProcterPad for this stage:




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